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Electronic Rat Killer Trap

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Electronic Rat Killer Trap is a battery powered unit that is for indoor use and outdoor use, if placed in a garden shed, outbuilding or covered area.

When a rat enters the trap to try to reach the *luring bait* [ peanut butter is excellent ], it steps onto the 2 x *killing plates* and the electrical circuit is then complete, electrocuting the rodent instantly.

This electric rat killing device offers a fast and humane method of eliminating rats.

  • Easy to use
  • Insert batteries and bait
  • Powered by 4 x C type batteries [ not included ]
  • Place the bait just behind the back *plate*
  • A flashing light indicates a rat catch
  • One set of batteries will kill up to 50 rats
  • Warning lights indicate low battery power
  • Safety feature - Opening the trap automatically switches the power off
  • Humane method of rat pest control
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