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Mink Trap - Humane Live Catch Cage Trap

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If you are wanting to know how to catch a wild mink then here is the answer: Our Mink Trap is a Humane Live Catch Cage Trap.

This trap should be placed near the bank of a river or stream where the minks are being a nuisance. A good indication is if you have seen mink tracks around, then you are sure you have found the place where minks are living.

It should be baited with pieces of fish which are placed under the treadle plate. Once a mink enters the trap and stands on the treadle plate to reach the bait, the trap door will close, trapping the animal inside.

Our Mink Trap - Humane Live Catch Cage Trap is made of long lasting galvanised steel and measures 60cm x 19cm x 19cm

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Price: 15.82 (18.99 inc. VAT)

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