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My Rat Traps Signify a Serious Pest Problem

posted on 2 June 2012 | posted in Pest Control News

The first step to addressing a pest problem is to identify there IS a problem. That may sound obvious, but pests don't exactly advertise themselves as being a problem - they're often nocturnal, and leave only hints and clues as to their intrusion. Sure, a mole problem is going to be obvious when you see your garden all dug-up by those little miners, but mice and rats CAN be a lot less obvious, yet a health hazard nonetheless.

We had a rats infest our restaurant two years ago. We saw rat droppings and knew there was a problem, but even those weren't that obvious to spot, so we were worried that we may have had a problem for some time. We installed rat traps and lo-and-behold, we'd caught ourselves four rats in a single evening. Catching rats is the first step. Getting rid of them is the 2nd. We called in a pest control company to achieve step number two, and from that point on, we've been happily rat-free!

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