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Vectortrap T10 Mosquito and Midge Killer Trap

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Vectortrap T10 Mosquito and Midge Killer Trap is an effective unit for killing mosquitoes and midges outside on the patio or in the garden of the home.This trap is also of use to prevent problems with mosquitoes and midges outdoors in pub beer gardens, restaurant *al fresco* dining areas or in other outdoor event areas. These traps can also be used inside the home or business.

An *octenol* pheromone lure within the Vectortrap attracts the female mosquitoes and midges into the trap and onto its glueboard which kills them. It is only the females that bite and suck blood, male mosquitoes and midges feed on plant juices such as nectar.

  • Powered by mains electric
  • An ultra violet [ uv ] light attracts the mozzies and midges to the trap
  • A fan within the trap then sucks the insects in where they get stuck on the internal glue board
  • Covers and protects an area of up to 1614 square feet / 150 square metres
Replacement Octenol Lures and Replacement Glue Boards for use in the Vectortrap T10 Mosquito and Midge Killer Trap and be seen below:

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