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What is the Best Food for Mousetraps?

posted on 7 June 2014 | posted in Tips

We normally assume cheese to be the best food to load a mousetrap with, but is it really? The problem with cheese is it can be nibbled at without actually triggering the mousetrap. Some mousetraps try to counter this problem by being ultra-sensitive in design - but this can create problems with traps going off of their own accord.

So what really is the best kind of food for a mousetrap?

We would consider the following as good baits:-
  • gummy sweets
  • chocolate
  • cheese crackers
  • peanut butter
  • cooked meats (ham, bacon etc)
  • any kind of biscuit
The trick is to TIE the bait to the trigger to stop the mouse from nibbling the bait and stealing it without triggering the trap.

If your bait cannot be tied, it's best to use small amounts.

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