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About us

Buy Pest Control Traps is a dedicated website where you can buy all kinds of traps for use to catch a wide range of animal, rodent and insect pests.

We are a family run business that believes in 'old fashioned values'. We have been in the Pest Control Industry for 40 years and we are British Pest Control Association [ BPCA ] trained.

With our experience of all types of pest problems, we have put together an effective range of pest control traps for you to get rid of any type of infestation with nuisance household or garden, insect, animal or vermin pests. We supply killing traps and live catch traps. We do not sell rat or mouse glue board traps as we feel that these are most inhumane.

We are based in Hampshire but sell online our Pest Control Products throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

If you need any help or advice in your choice of Pest Control Traps, please e-mail us at info[a]