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About us

Buy Pest Control Traps is a dedicated website where you can find all kinds of live catch or killing traps for dealing with problems caused by insects, rodents or animal pests found in the home or garden.

We are a family business with 40 years experience in the pest control service industry where we regularly administered domestic and commercial treatments for getting rid of indoor or outdoor insect, rodent or animal pests. For all of your pest control product needs, please visit our parent website Pest Control Products Online.

We are BPCA [ British Pest Control Association ] trained.

Our products are professional standard cleared for DIY use and they have all been tried and tested by us before offering them for sale.

Our trap product categories cover the most common pests found in the home, business, in the garden or on the land and they are listed to the left. We have traps to stop and get rid of ants, bed bugs, birds, cats, clothes moths, cluster flies, cockroaches, fleas, flies, foxes, insects, mink, moles, mosquitoes, mice, rabbits and hares, rats, slugs and snails, squirrels and wasps.

Please note that we do not sell glue board traps for mice or rats as we feel that these are most inhumane and since 2015 other wholesalers, professional pest control industry experts and the RSPCA have got behind the Humane Society International / UK's Unstuck Campaign to ban the public sale of cruel rodent glue traps

If you need any help or advice regarding how to eliminate any pest found indoors or outdoors, just email us info[@] or give us a call 03330 119703 and we will be happy to assist.