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Withdrawal of Cruel Rodent Glue Traps

posted on 16 December 2020 in Pest Control News

We have always, during our 40 years in the Pest Control Industry, made a point of not using rat or mouse glue board traps when we were conducting pest control services either in domestic or commercial...more info >>>

My Rat Traps Signify a Serious Pest Problem

posted on 2 June 2012 in Pest Control News

The first step to addressing a pest problem is to identify there IS a problem. That may sound obvious, but pests don't exactly advertise themselves as being a problem - they're often nocturnal, and l...more info >>>

Fly Infestation lasts the Weekend!

posted on 26 July 2011 in Pest Control News

A story about one Family's experience with an infestation of Flies!Read full story here: ...more info >>>

10 Top Ten Garden Pests Identified

posted on 30 January 2010 in Pest Control News

Slugs and Snails are topping the Garden Pest Charts with Rabbits in the 'Top Ten' as well!Read here how the Top Ten Garden Pests have been revealed! ...more info >>>

Takeaways blamed as rat population soars in Edinburgh

posted on 30 September 2008 in Pest Control News

SCOTLAND'S capital city is in the wake of massive infestation of rats, with some pest controllers reporting a seven-fold increase in call-outs this year. Rat catchers said yesterd...more info >>>