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Larsen Live Catch Corvid Bird Trap

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Larsen Live Catch Corvid Bird Trap is effective for catching crows, jackdaws, jays, magpies, ravens and rooks etc., which form part of the Corvid family of birds.

This type of bird trap has two compartments one of which is for a decoy bird to be placed inside [ ie: a dummy crow or magpie ]. A decoy bird will attract any nuisance crow, jackdaw, jay, magpie, raven or rook into the other compartment of the trap.

  • Made of rustproof galvanised steel
  • Has a carry handle to allow easy transportation of caught birds
  • Measures: 30" x 30" x 19" / 77cm x 77cm x 47cm
  • Comes with full instructions
Please note: These Larsen bird traps should be placed in a sheltered spot with sufficient food and water. The traps need to be checked regularly [twice a day] to see if there is a catch and so that any caught bird does not suffer stress.

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Price: 66.66 (79.99 inc. VAT)

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