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Vectortrap T10 Mosquito & Midge Killer Trap

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The Vectortrap T10 Mosquito and Midge Killer Trap is an effective product for killing, stopping and getting rid of mosquitoes and midges outside on the patio or in the garden. These traps can also be used inside the home.

The Vectortrap T10 is powered by mains electric and attracts mosquitoes and midges with a UV light. Once the insects are in catching distance a fan sucks them into a metal cage which contains a glueboard. The trap is easily emptied of the dead mozzies and midges.

* This unit is a lot cleaner than a conventional bug zapper

* Covers upto 150 square metres

* Ideal for domestic or commercial use

The Vectortrap T10 Mosquito and Midge Killing Traps have been widely tested and used in the USA over the past few years and now we bring this most effective product to the UK market.

With the use of this type of trap you will break and stop the breeding and life cycle of mosquitoes and midges as it attracts the female mosquito and midge into the trap if you use the Octenol lure which is a supplementary product.

Please see below if you wish to buy the Octenol, also known as mushroom alcohol, lures which last for upto 6 weeks.

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