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Customer Name Delivery Speed Quality Value Overall Rating Date
Beverley, HUDDERSFIELD10991013 September  2016
I ordered this humane trap to catch a sick feral cat in the neighbourhood. The RSPCA came out and got it before I needed to use the trap, so it awaits the next time it is needed! I was extremely happy with the speed and efficiency of the delivery and item arrived in good condition. Thank you to all concerned.
Charlie, Brighton991093 January  2013
Best price i could find,well packaged.Very pleased.Thanks!
jacqueline, Poetsmouth101071029 August  2016
Inderjit, Birmingham101071024 May  2018
Stuart, Perth999915 July  2014
Patrick, Aboyne1088106 September  2016
Maurice, CIRENCESTER99997 December  2016
Would have liked some guidance on how long they are effective before needing replacement.
julie, harrogate99991 April  2017
I usually buy the Rentokil traps which are 3 times the price of yours. No brainer which ones I will buy in future.Thank you.
Susannah, Aylesbury9791020 August  2013
Mr Steven, Draycott Rd, Sawley998928 September  2014
Katherine, Cambridge998924 February  2016
Annette, Swanley1079912 October  2016
Unfortunately, we have caught three different cats- only the last one being the one we actually wanted to catch - and two of them were able to escape by running headlong at the entrance. The cat that didn't escape was more laid back and waited to be released. So, for our purpose, it hasn't worked. Any suggestions Thanks.
Camelia, Ashleworth8108912 January  2018
Worked very well for feral cats.
randhir, newcastle upon tyne998923 February  2018
Really good range, price and delivery was speedy- regardless of the weather.
john, barnsley71071028 January  2015
Anthony, Plymouth988912 October  2016
ian, Torquay99794 October  2017
Fab. Thanks
Meredydd, York1087825 September  2012
Very good, will order more if this trial successful.
David, Buxton987927 August  2015
Bev, Winterton997810 September  2015
Sharon, LOUGHBOROUGH888924 July  2017
Peter, Ipplepen1097718 August  2017
item ordered not sent item not ordered sent phoned apologised profusely correct item to be sent that afternoon. correct item received am next day. terrific service
Jürgen, London88882 January  2013
Andrew, Great Yarmouth88883 August  2014
Nice to see a firm still selling traps
jackie, clydebank997720 June  2016
Vectortrap T10. This item is dependent on refills. I have had to make calls and order refills from the manufacturer since they are not readily available on line.
We now have all spares for this unit
Graham, Hitchin888817 January  2017
Cherry, Foel87889 June  2014
The electrical connection to the unit is a little awkward and being so close to the top of the unit. Understanding the attractants could be made easier. However, after a week of operation in not the best location we were pleasantly surprised to find a good centimetre depth of midges in the net. We also had moths in the trap so we have put a timer plug on to operate from dawn till dusk.
Ms K T, Purley877816 April  2014
Peter, Chelmsford877831 July  2014
Upekha, Letchworth787826 July  2016
Charles, Carlisle87785 November  2017
Nikki, Cambridge877710 February  2016
Jennifer, Chester777726 December  2014
Kasia, holbeach hurn777719 August  2015
Maria C, CHislehurst68773 December  2015
Brian, Dollar77598 December  2020
Debbie, Westyorkshire667618 August  2016
Thank u it has caught fleas already.
Mark, MAIDSTONE765730 October  2017

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